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  • Introduction and overview
  • Section 1: Why an Alternative Global Security System is  Necessary
    • In Search of Global Security: What makes us secure?
    • Global insecurity: understanding the “War System”
    • Debunking the Myths of War
    • Nonviolence: A More Successful Approach
    • Common Security: A System of Global Interdependence
    • Ecological Security: Protecting the Integrity of all Life
  • Section 2: Demilitarizing securitY
    • Transition: From an Offensive to Defensive Posture
    • Demilitarization and Disarmament
    • A Sustainable Global Economy as a Foundation for Peace
  • Section 3: managing conflict without violence
    • Reforming and Building Effective International Institutions
    • Nonviolent Civilian-Based Defense / Civilian Peacekeeping Forces
    • Involving Women in Peace & Security Decision Making
    • The Role of Global Civil Society
  • Section 4: Creating a Culture of Peace
    • Alternative Visions: Human Security and a Culture of Peace
    • *Formal, Non-formal and Informal Education
    • *Technology: Creativity and Connection
    • *Faith-Based Movements: The Role of Religion in Building Peace
    • *Racism: Developing an Intersectional Lens for Peace
  • Section 5: accelerating the Transition
    • *Putting it all Together
    • *Writing the New Story
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